Feb 042012

Not that anybody probably noticed.

Finally got around to fixing up my home network and I’ve been wanting to move my webserver from my existing machine to an old laptop (Thinkpad X60). The X60 I loved dearly and she lasted a really long time until I accidentally stood on it and broke the screen. Well, it lives on.

I spent quite some time investigating whether to move into the cloud but in the end, the numbers just didn’t stack up. I borrowed a power meter from work and the electricity consumption of my machines were:

Existing webserver: 65W
Thinkpad X60: 20W

Given that I pay about $0.28 per kilowatt hour (inc. GST) for electricity, I’m looking at a $50 hosting cost per year as opposed to $160. Update: After powertop, I am now down to 16W. I think I will be able to reduce this to 10W.

Oh, and the X60 has a built in UPS.

I’ll get around to putting up all my existing posts (have to figure out the mysql exporting/importing stuff) and I have a lot of new material which I will get around to posting.

While I was setting up my server,network, site, etc. My cat brought me in a nice little snack:

Sam loves trees Sam provides for the family

I had to take Sam away, lock him in another room, catch the snake and let it go back in the bushy area behind my house. The snake was a little shaken but fine. It was a baby red-bellied black snake.

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