Mar 082015

Wow. I cannot believe it. I had my first adware infection today. First in at least 20 years. I don’t go to dodgy sites so this sucker must have inserted itself into a major, vulnerable, site. After that, roughly every 3rd to 5th link you click opens a tab to some random spammy site. You start to see random links firing at the bottom left of screen. You know something is wrong pretty much straight away. Strange that it is not reported much.

The following fix will wipe your history. If there is something in there you rely on, I recommend you back up any specific sites (google does restore your bookmarks, your history is lost). To remove these adware suckers, you have to go all biblical on them.

To fix it:

Close down all instances of chrome, but make sure it is dead. Drop to a terminal and

killall chrome

And remove all cache and histories

rm -rf ~/.cache/google-chrome
rm -rf ~/.config/google-chrome

Restart Chrome. Should be gone.

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