Jul 072016

Well, I finally moved mdkey.org to a new host. Previously, the hosting machine was sitting at my home, acting as a gateway for various technologies I like to play with, as well as serving this basic blog. However, traffic was becoming a little too heavy that I needed something that could provide sufficient bandwidth. My home internet has also been a little unstable of late so I finally pulled the plug and performed the migration.

I’ve been very busy writing my Rendering and Data Management Engines for almost three years now, as part of shearspace.com, and have decided that I should start showing off capability. Writing up full web-pages is a bit of a pain so I’ll revert to a simple CMS (wordpress) solution; No, I still don’t do the SpaceBook Twits. I’ve had to do a lot of parallel and SSE/AVX programming so I may also resume writing technical blogs of the simple things I’ve discovered that could help people enormously.

Anyhow, hopefully things are all working nicely and the site is more responsive.